Peace and Unity as Human Beings!

The world right now is very confusing, we have strict borders to countries. Some countries are at war with each other, usually because of an ignorance and lack of respect for each others belief systems. Fundamentally because we have no idea where our conscience comes from when we are born, and where it goes when we die. Humans have created stories to take out the mystery. Some peoples stories are different from others and though self righteousness will dictate that their own beliefs are infallible, therefore the other people must be wrong. Different ways of explaining existence creating different lifestyles can spread a misunderstanding and alienate humans from each other.

I think we should have the same belief system and it doesn’t need to be complicated. For example, believe and accept that as humans all of such stories are created to fill gaps in the unknown of existence. We all have a common yearning to know where we came from and why we are here. Let that be our understanding of each other. Every human should see that, no matter how different we seem to be from either other, WE ARE THE SAME. Stuck in a weird but beautiful place we have barely begun to understand. I like the idea that we should all be friends connected as one. Ready to make peace, or if needs must war. with ‘alien’ invaders from other planets visiting us (hypothetically speaking of course).

War in desperate times such as a lack of resources, water probably being the most crucial of all is going to be very difficult to avoid. I believe this is due to people being scared of the unknown of death. Therefore they may be more willing to take another persons life with the view it is more important they continue living than the other person. What a load of rubbish, we are all equal as a consequence no one has the right to take another persons life.

Governments of the world should form a one world government which treats all life especially our own equally and with respect. Instead of this confusing mess of countries we have currently. I do not care how radical this sounds because it would be. Totally radical.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to read!


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